Mission Statement, Vision, Collective Commitments

  • Roosevelt


    Vision Statement/Compelling Future:

    Roosevelt Middle School is committed to promoting a robust and inclusive educational environment with an emphasis on STEAM to maximize individual student’s potential and ensure that all students’ academic, social, and emotional needs are met.


    Mission Statement/Fundamental Purpose:

    Roosevelt Middle School will integrate academic literacy across all content areas while supporting students as they develop cognitive and social skills.  We will foster a rigorous and safe academic environment for school community members to work together and prepare students to become critical, creative, and innovative thinkers and leaders.


    Values/Collective Commitments:

    • We will be positive, contributing members of our collaborative teams to develop rigorous instruction that will develop independent critical and creative thinking skills.
    • We will create relationships and connections with every child so they feel that they belong.
    • We will engage in high quality, relevant, student-directed learning and teaching.
    • We will promote a growth mindset and organizational skills.
    • We will provide a safe and supportive learning environment that equips students with social and emotional skills, intelligence, and attitudes to succeed in school.