Pep Team

  • The Hoover Pep Team is made up of CheerDance and Pep Flags. All three teams practice in the Small gym at 6:45AM throughout the school year. We cheer at football, basketball, and water polo games as well as competing at several local and national competitions throughout Spring semester. The team is also expected to perform at numerous school and community events such as pep rallies, assemblies, back-to-school night, Relay for Life, etc.

    The Cheer team is divided into Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. In addition to cheering at games, the girls are also placed into stunt groups where each member has a designated spot in performing said stunts. No tumbling experience is required but is a plus. The Dance team is a Varsity team and competes Pom, Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop. Previous experience in one of these styles is preferred upon try-outs. The Pep Flag team has both Varsity and JV teams and competes two routines throughout the season (One flag and two flag). Must be a fast learner and have high attention to detail but no previous experience in twirling is necessary.
    Due to COVID-19 our auditions for the 2020-2021 team will be held virtually. Each student auditioning for either Cheer, Dance or Pep Flags will need to submit a 45 second routine that includes specific required elements for each individual team. Applications are due Monday, April 27, 2020. All video auditions must be submitted by 5pm Friday May 1st. No Exceptions! Teams will be announced by 12pm on Monday May 4th posted on our Instagram accounts @hoover_cheerleading, @hooverdance, @hooverpepflags. Students who made the team will be emailed by Ms Anita.
    Please contact head coach, Anita Bacon at for the audition packet and if you have any further questions about the program. 
    Pep Team Awards:
    2020 USA Varsity Song/Pom - 5th Place
    2020 USA Varsity Cheer - 5th Place
    2019 USA Varsity Song/Pom - 5th Place
    2018 USA Varsity Song/Pom - 3rd Place
    2017 USA Varsity Song/Pom Finalist, JV Song/Pom Finalist
    2016 USA Varsity Song/Pom Finalist
    2016 USA 1 Flag & 2 Flag - 3rd Place
    2015 USA National Champions - Freshman Song/Pom
    2013 USA Varsity 1 Flag & 2 Flag - 2nd Place
    2013 USA Varsity Pom - 4th Place
    2013 USA Varsity Cheer - 5th Place
    2012 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Jazz
    2010 USA Dance Captains Jazz Trio - 4th Place
    2009 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Lyrical
    2008 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Cheer
    2008 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Pom
    2008 American Grand National Champions - Dance Captains Lyrical Duet 
    2006 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Cheer
    2006 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Pom
    2003 American Grand National Champions - Varsity Hip-Hop