Hoover High School Comprehensive School Counseling Program
     Mission Statement 
    The Hoover High School comprehensive school counseling program in collaboration with the Glendale Unified School District faculty, staff, students, parents, and community will ensure all students acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to succeed in high school and in their chosen endeavors after graduation. As a result of their involvement in academic, college & career, and social-emotional development activities, all students will be able to enhance their self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, to make informed decisions, and to take action to pursue their goals. 
    Statement of Philosophy 
     The Hoover High School comprehensive school counseling program will:
    • Support and advocate for all students at all times.
    • Follow a competency-based, results-based model for guidance that assesses student needs and achievements, develop and implement programs and services based on identified needs, and continuously monitor their progress.
    • Be aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards and focus on specific goals and developmental student competencies.
    • Be planned, coordinated, and reviewed by the school counseling team, in collaboration with the administration, staff, students, parents, community, and Counseling Advisory.
    All counselors at Hoover:
    • Support each other personally and professionally and abide by the professional ethics and counseling
    standards as defined by the ASCA.
    • Continually model life-long learning by participating in professional development activities and maintaining a balance in life activities beyond the school boundaries.
    • Endorse the belief that all students K-12 should have access to full-time, state credentialed counselors sufficient in number to deliver the comprehensive guidance programs and services.