• PSAT – Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

    Also known as the NMSQT – National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the PSAT gets you ready for the SAT and makes you eligible for National Merit Scholarships. You may access personalized college and career planning resources on CollegeBoard and you will receive a detailed assessment of your critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing skills. Students who take the PSAT report up to a 120 point increase on their SAT. Get specific suggestions on how to improve your academic skills. Taking this test is the first step on your college path.

    This national test is given in October of every year to eleventh grade students who wish to qualify for major scholarships. It will assess critical reading, verbal reasoning, math problem solving, and writing skills. The PSAT may be available for tenth grade students as a practice opportunity.

    Reasons to take the PSAT:

    1. To open the door to college.
    2. To practice for the SAT.
    3. To earn scholarships and academic recognition. National Merit Scholars are chosen from this assessment.
    4. To begin the college search.
    5. To see how one‘s academic skills compare with those of college-bound students across the country.
    6. To get feedback on how to improve academic skills needed in college.

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    SAT I – Scholastic Aptitude Test

    The SAT I is a general reasoning test given to all students who wish to apply to all colleges and universities. It will also assess critical reading, verbal reasoning, math problem solving, and writing skills. It should be taken in the spring of the junior year and/or fall of the senior year. It must be taken by December. Check the schools you are interested in for specific dates. 

    SAT II

    The SAT II is no longer required for admission at most schools. Please check with the colleges you are interested in attending because some may encourage them for admission or for certain majors. Counselors recommend that you take the subject test of your choice as close to the time that you complete the class.