Community Service

  • The CommunityService Learning Project was launched at Crescenta Valley High School over a decade ago.  This project grew from the idea that education involves not only academic learning but also the development of conscience, social responsibility, a sense of community, and compassion. At the heart of this program is the belief young people are resources who can make a positive difference in the world.  We believe each student has a unique gift and special talent to offer to our community and one of our most important goals is to prepare students for the responsibilities of community leadership. 

    The educational benefits of volunteering include:
    • Developing personal and social responsibility
    • Promoting respect and understanding of the people and cultures in our community
    • Exploring career opportunities
    • Developing character and skills for successful citizenship

    The program involves one part:
    • The second part of the program is the Falcon 100 Hour Community Service Medallion.  Students who complete over a 100 hours of volunteer service during their high school career will receive a Community Service Medallion.
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