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Go to Google Classroom. For directions email
We will be working Google Classroom through 
Welcome to a new school year! Please stay in touch with me to insure that you have your best year ever with learning math. 
We will be making history as we are part of the first set of classes to ever start off the school year online. We will all have to work together to make your online class a success. 
We will be using the enVision program this year. Students are expected to bring their enVision books and pencils everyday to class and do their enVision homework on the computer. Parents should contact Mr. Regli if there are any computer access problems.
Mr. Regli wants to encourage all students to earn a high "B" or an "A" so that they can qualify for taking 8th Math this summer and qualify for Integrated Math next year.
All students who work in class and do their homework will earn at least a "D" or better. If your child should earn an "F" then you know that your child has a problem with effort and not ability.