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CHAMBERS, Veronica

Welcome to 7th Grade English!
Note: All work and announcements will be posted on Google Classroom.
   To make your experience in my class a success, make sure to always listen and ask questions when needed.  If you need help with an assignment, please feel free to stop by my room before school or during snack. 
Some Great Things to Remember:
   Always remember to be courteous to others, respect others' property, be on-task, and raise hands to be recognized.  Class participation is a major plus.  Take part in class discussions by offering your opinion and asking questions.  Discussing a topic is a great way to learn about it, so don't miss out.
   Tardies will affect your citizenship - please be on time.  If you are absent, you need to see me the next day to ask for make-up work.  Make-up work after an excused absence will be given full-credit.  All other late work will be given half-credit.
   Don't forget to use your student planner to write down your homework.  It is the first step in keeping yourself organized.  You have a lot of classes, a lot of homework, a lot of deadlines - be organized and ready by updating your planner every day!
  Email address:   You may also contact me through Google Classroom.  
Have a great school year!
Mrs. Chambers