Mr. Andrews

  • End of Trimester 1

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 11/12/2018

    Special Events

    Walkthrough the Ancient World: 8:30 - 11:00. Parents are welcome. 

    Student Free Day: Friday (11/16) for Teacher Report Card Prep,



    We continue our study of coordinate grids, by learning how to calculate distances on coordinate grids.


    Language Arts;

    Students continue to draft their Persuasive Essays and to work with their reading groups to create their Bio Poem Projects.



    Students continue their study of the weather by classifying cloud types. Quiz on Wednesday or Thursday. Next topic: Reading Isotherm Maps.

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  • Field Trip Week.

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 11/4/2018

    Special Events:

    Field Trip to the King Tut Exhibit and IMAX is on Tuesday. Students should bring a labeled bag lunch. I have room for a chaperone if you are interested email me ASAP at . I will be out on Thursday. Mrs Hacker will be my sub.

    Report Cards coming soon. Next week I will be completing reports cards. I sent home missing assignment reports on Friday. All missing or late work must be completed by this coming Friday to be included in this trimesters's grades.

    Language Arts

    We completed our first reading group cycle last week and are beginning a retell project in class. We will also begin writing persuasive essays. No Wordly Wise this week.


    We begin topic 2-3 which covers plotting and reading coordinate grids. Likely quiz on Friday.


    We put our knowledge of weather fronts together to practice forecasting weather in North America.

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  • Halloween Week!

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 10/28/2018

    Special Events:

    Flag Ceremony/ Halloween Parade is Wednesday at 8:30 on the upper field. 


    Field Trips:

    A slip is coming home on Monday for a special event on Saturday. Also the permission slips and donations are overdue for the King Tut field trip on November 6th.

    Language Arts:

    Final Literature Circles work is due this Wednesday. 

    Wordly Wise Test will be held this week either Thursday or Friday.


    This week begin our study of absolute value. 


    Last week we studied air masses, this week we will learn how weather fronts work and scientists use them to predict the weather.



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  • The Week of October 22

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 10/21/2018

    Special Events:

    Taiko drumming takes place after recess on Wednesday.

    Field Trip Slips are Due Thursday.

    Friday is a Student Free Day for Teacher in-service.


    Language Arts

    We begin our final week of our first literature groups. Work will be due the week of the 29th.

    Wordly Wise 5 also begins this week.



    We continue our exploration of the number system by learning about rational numbers. We will practice ordering and comparing rational numbers.



    This week begin our study of weather Pressure Systems.


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  • The Week of October 15

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 10/14/2018


    We are going to wrap up topic one with a review of the unit test. Then we will move onto the next unit which includes positive and negative integers and graphing on coordinate grids.

    Language Arts

    We are in the second week of our literature circles groups. Students will complete three assignments due later this week: L.C, Non Fiction, and Reading Questions.

    We continue Wordly Wise 4. (Test Thursday)


    In Science  students will learn how the sun is the driving force of weather. They will learn how the sun unevenly heats Earth and how this creates different weather at different locations around Earth.



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  • Second Week of October.

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 10/7/2018

    Special Events:

    Class representive elections for Student Council this Monday.

    Saturday is the Fall Festival!

    Taiko Drumming starts this week for our class.

    Language Arts

    We begin Wordly Wise Lesson 4. Last week we had our highest class average yet on our third test!

    The first week of Literature Circles Week concludes on Monday. All work is due Wed. Grading rubrics and assignments are available on Google Classroom. 

    There are three parts to this assignment:

    1. Literature Circles work is turned in on paper. Students each have a rubric. It will be turned in as a cover sheet with six different assignments stapled behind.

    2. Reading questions: Due on Google Classroom. Rubric is attached. It is very important that they follow the rubric.

    3. Non Fiction Day: Due on Google Classroom.


    We are concluding unit one. Most likely the test will be Friday. It will include all topics:

    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Decimals:

    Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Mixed Numbers.


    Weather unit continues. Every lesson will consist of the creation of an interactive note book followed by a mini-quiz.


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  • First Week of October

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 9/30/2018

    October already? This week we will start by moving into new teams in both homeroom and Science.


    This week we take a quiz on division of fractions and division of fractions by whole numbers before moving on the the final topic of division of mixed numbers. Then we will review for the unit test which will include decimal and fraction operations.

    Language Arts

    We choose our reading books and begin our first Literature Circles unit. Each week students will read one third of the chosen novel, meet with their  teacher in group and  complete a packet of both guided reading questions and literature circles work.

    Wordly Wise quiz this week for Lesson 3.

    Writing will move deeper into persuasive writing.


    We continue our weather unit by observing the clouds and condincting and experiment into ocean currents.



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  • End of September

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 9/23/2018

    Septermber Ends... 


    We will finish our Lit Unit and take a short quiz on the stories from the Anthology.

    WW 3 will start this week.


    Students will edit and turn in a final copy of their Personal Narratives


    We finish Lesson 1.3 on Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers on Monday with a Quiz on Tuesday.


    We complete our Water Cycle Unit last week and move on to Oceans and Weather Prediction.


    Flag Ceremony

    The Flag Ceremony is this Friday at 8:30


    Student Council Elections

    Student Council Elections will be held this Tuesday. We will then hold elections for class representitives. 


    Progress Reports

    Progress Reports come home the first week of October and will be based on the grades from the start of the year until this week.

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  • Square One Art Lesson and more

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 9/16/2018

    Coming up for the Week of September 17th


    Special Events:

    Our wonderful parents are presenting the Square One Art lesson this Friday at 1:00.



    Students performed very well on the division quiz last Friday. Students really benefited from in depth practice with long division. We are going to review the lesson on Monday and then take a final quiz on Tuesday or Wed. The rest of the week  focus on operations with  fractions and mixed numbers.



    We have almost completed our literature unit. Later this week we will pick novels and begin Literature Circles next week.



    We continue drafting and revising our personal narratives



    Water Cycle comics (info on Google Classroom) are due Tuesday. We will also begin wrap up on the Water Cycle unit.  


    Wordly Wise:

    We will take a break from Wordly Wise to concentrate on writing until the end of the week or early next week when we begin Lesson 3.


    Missing Assignments:

    I send home a report detailing the missing, late or incomplete assignments for some students. I met with each student who wanted to turn in work, so those reports are up to date. Please review, sign, and return. Please also discuss the importance of keeping up with schoolwork.


    Have a great week!

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  • Picture day ....

    Posted by Mr. Andrews on 9/9/2018

    Picture Day

    This Tuesday 9/11 is our Fall Picture Day. Order forms were sent home last week and should be returned on Tuesday. You can also order online.


    Continuing our exploration of division of decimals. Quiz on Thursday or Friday.


    W.W. quiz on Wed of this week for Lesson 2. Review it on

    We are contininuing our Personal Narrative with multiple drafts.

    In Reading we will continue to learn the Literature Circles jobs.

    Science: We explore the water cycle with several hands-on activites.



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