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    If an emergency strikes while your child is in school . . .
    First, it's a good idea to review your family emergency kit periodically to make sure you have fresh water, first aid and other supplies available. For detailed information on emergency preparedness in your home, contact the local chapter of the American Red Cross at 818-243-3141.
    School is a safe place - In an emergency, school is one of the safest places for students to be. Each school has a disaster preparedness plan. Teachers, administrators and other staff members are trained to supervise, counsel and care for students. School buildings are constructed to strict earthquake and fire safety standards.
    Students who leave school- If it is necessary for students to leave school due to an emergency, school staff will follow an orderly plan to make sure that each child is released at a specified location on campus to a parent, relative or other person designated by the parent on the emergency card.
    Students who remain at school - If a parent or designee cannot pick up children for an extended period of time, students will remain under supervision until the parent/designee arrives at school. However, children should be picked up as soon as possible. If necessary, students may be moved to another school or off-campus site for greater safety, and that location will be posted.
    Using the telephone - In an earthquake or other major emergency, telephones may not be operating or lines may be too busy to call the schools. In this case, do not use the phone. Go to the school and pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible. When phones are operating, the district will put on its 24-Hour Emergency Information "Hot" Line. The number is 818-241-3111.
    Cable television & city radio - Emergency information and updates related to the schools will appear as soon as possible on Charter Cable Channel 15 (Glendale Schools education channel) or AT&T U-verse GREG-tv. Cable Channel 6 (City of Glendale) will provide community-related information. Note: Cable TV access restricted to Charter Communications subscribers in Glendale. The City of Glendale also operates a limited signal radio station (1680-AM), which can be heard within the city (effective June 2003).
    School district web site - As possible, emergency information and updates will be posted on the school district's website. The address is: https://www.gusd.net. The home page will direct users to the proper location on the site.

    Radio & Television – If possible, the district will send information to radio stations KFWB (AM-980) and KNX (AM-1070), along with other radio and TV stations. The district will make every attempt to communicate accurate information to the media but cannot guarantee the accuracy of what goes on the air.

    Newspapers - Emergency information will appear in newspapers serving the district, including the Glendale News-Press, Daily News and CV Weekly. Efforts will be made to place information in foreign language newspapers that publish in Spanish, Armenian and Korean.

    Please keep your school notified of the latest emergency contact information

    Please be certain that your school has the latest emergency contact information on file, including a telephone number where parents or other family members can be reached during the school day. During an emergency, reaching a parent is very important. If you have questions about your school's Disaster Preparedness Plan, please call your school office.

    Updated Fall 2008

Last Modified on June 3, 2008