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                Introduction sentence goes first, is indented, and about volleyball or our volleyball unit.  Second sentence introduces your teammate and why you selected them.  Third sentence is where you introduce their first skill and why it's important.  Fourth sentence details the skill they possess.  Fifth sentence gives evidence of the skill or introduces a new skill.  Sixth sentence is about another physical skill or a non-physical skill.  Seventh sentence details why the skill is important.  If it is a non-physical skill then explain why it is important for your team.  Eighth sentence is your conclusion.  

    (The assignment is not limited to eight sentences, but the minimum is eight sentences)

    (This is only a template, however the paragraph should be at least eight sentences and give examples and evidence of skill)

    ( I cannot stress this enough, but you MUST detail physical skills)




    Jeffery Giery

    Mr. Witt



                The past four weeks have been an exciting time since we have started our volleyball unit.  My teammate Ronnie is one of the leaders on our team and does a spectacular job of using both his physical skills as well as others, to help us all be better players.  Ronnie has the best serve on the team, using an overhand serve to score us a lot of points.  He hits the ball above his head and with an open palm that allows him to control his serve very well.  In addition to his serving he is also a very good passer.  Ronnie keeps his hands together, his elbows locked, and makes contact with his forearms to keep the ball in play.  What I also think is a valuable asset is how positive Ronnie is with the rest of us.  He is constantly cheering us on, helping us fix mistakes, or letting us know the score.  I've learned a great deal from the drills, modified games, and especially Ronnie, and that's why I find myself being successful during this unit.  


    Grading Rubric


    Length: Does the paper have at least eight sentences?  For each sentence under eight, there will be one point deducted.

    Six points

    Skills: Do you mention specific volleyball skills?  Are they skills relevant to volleyball?  If these are not met, or contain information that is not related to volleyball then points will be deducted.

    Six points

    Evidence + Positivity: Is there evidence that supports your claims of skills?  Are you positive in your evaluation and focus on what the student can do, rather than what they cannot?.

    Six points

    Neatness: Crumpled, folded, ripped, torn, or messy papers lose one point.

    One point

    Spelling: Misspelled words will lose one point.

    One point

    Total out of 20 points: