Volleyball Teammate Evaluation Assignment

  • Your assignment is to write an evaluation, using only positive characteristics, of one of your teammates.  You may pick any teammate you want, regardless if other teammates have already selected that same student.  You should be able to write about their skills and how they perform them correctly.  You must show knowledge and provide examples of how they do this.  This assignment is designed to identify the positive attributes that your teammates have.  You are welcome to add one or two "non-physical" skills such as: communication, attitude, competitiveness, sportsmanship, or helpfulness.

    This assignment is worth 20 points.

    It is due Friday, December 14th.

    You may turn it in early if you want.

    Typed papers are preferred, however handwritten assignments are acceptable as long as they are legible.  

    Late papers lose points for each day they are late.  Turning a paper in beyond class time (typically when you forget to bring your paper to class) does count as being late.