Cerritos Computer Science Immersion Magnet

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  • Cerritos is proud to be partnering with Code to the Future.

    At Cerritos Elementary: 

    • All students TK - 6th-grade code at Cerritos.  The coding is taught during the day as part of the curriculum.
    • Coding projects are integrated into the curriculum. Students' projects are integrated as part of Science, Social Studies, and ELA.
    • There are three coding cycles in one year (one per trimester). 

    In the first cycle, all students begin with Scratch which is a block-based coding program. Projects may begin with students adding sprites, backgrounds, sound, and motion to coding a full presentation in Social Studies and Science and creating games. 

    During the second cycle, students in TK -1st-grade work with Lego bricks to design a 3-D project, which is then coded using Scratch.  Students in 2nd-3rd grade work with the Lego WeDo robots. They assemble the robots and create a storyline that ties into the coding and movement of the robots.  Students in 4th -6th grade assembles and codes the robots to create different motions such as behaving as a specific animal to completing a full mission. 

    In the third cycle, students move from block-based coding to text coding using Minecraft. Projects are integrated into the curriculum where students develop a world based on what is being learned in the core curriculum.  


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About Cerritos Elementary School

  • Cerritos students have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of computer coding as part of their daily curriculum. Teachers engage students through block and text-based coding activities to enhance their educational experiences.

    Students use computer science and coding to learn about problem-solving and team-building while developing their critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills.

    Contact Information:

    Contact: Sylvia Galvez-Grado
    Phone: (818) 244-7207
    Address: 120 E. Cerritos Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205