• I-Ready



    Khan Academy (Math Tutorials and extra practice)


    • sign in with your google account
    • If you still have not logged in to google classroom, you have to input the following class code:
      • Stallions 1: Period 3/4
      • Stallions 2: Period 5/6

    Learnzillion (math tutorials)



    Envision website:   bit.ly/gusdenvision                 

    1. Log into your google account at google.com
    2. Click on the waffle (apps)
    3. Click on Drive
    4. Click on the waffle again
    5. Scroll down to the bottom of the apps page and click on Pearson 

    Envision App: Download "BouncePages" and "Virtual Nerd"

                         The app can be used on the pages that say "scan multimedia"