9000 - Bylaws of the Board

    0. A. Role of the Board  BP 9000  
     B. Governance Standards  BP 9005 AR 9005 
     C. Public Statements  BP 9010  
     D. Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information  BP 9011  
     E. Board Member Electronic Communications  BP 9012  
    1. A. Annual Organization Meeting  BP 9100  
     B. Number of Members and Terms of Office  BP 9110  
     C. Duties of Members - President  BP 9121  
     D. Duties of Members - Secretary BP 9122  
     E. Duties of Members - Clerk  BP 9123  
     F. Committees of the Board of Education  BP 9130  
     G. Representatives to Other Agencies or Organizations  BP 9140  
     H. Student Board Member  BP 9150  
    2. A. Limits of Board Member Authority  BP 9200  
     B. Election of Board Members  BP 9220  
     C. Resignation  BP 9222  
     D. Filling Vacancies on the Board  BP 9223  
     E. Orientation  BP 9230  
     F. Compensation, Reimbursement and Other Benefits  BP 9250  
     G. Legal Protection  BP 9260  
     H. Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Code  BP 9270  
    3. A. Adoption of Policies  BP 9310  
     B. Adoption of Bylaws  BP 9312  
     C. Adoption of Administrative Regulations  BP 9313  
     D. Meetings  BP 9320  
     E. Closed Session Purposes and Agendas  BP 9321  
      1. Closed Session Action and Reports  BP 9321.1  
     F. Agenda/Meeting Materials  BP 9322  
     G. Meeting Conduct and Procedures   BP 9323  
      1. Order of Business  BP 9323.1  
      2. Actions by the Board  BP 9323.2  
     H. Minutes of Board of Education Meeting
     BP 9324  
    4. Board Self-Evaluation  BP 9400