• California Common Core Content Standards

    7th Grade Mathematics


    Seventh grade students deepen their understanding of proportional relationships to solve complicated problems.  They extend their understanding of rational numbers to include computation (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).  Irrational numbers are introduced in seventh grade.  Algebraic foundations are practiced and extended.  Students continue to extend their understanding of probability and statistics by describing populations based on sampling, and investigate chance to develop, use, and evaluate probability models. 

    Specifically, your child will…

    Ratios and Proportional Relationships

    ·         Use proportional relationships to solve multi-step operation and percent problems

    ·         Compute unit rates

    The Number System

    ·         Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers

    ·         Convert fractions to decimals.

    ·         Solve multi-step problems with positive and negative numbers.

    Expressions and Equations

    ·         Use properties of operations to solve algebraic equations

    ·         Add, subtract, factor, and expand linear expressions

    ·         Use variables to represent numbers in real-world problems.

    ·         Construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems


    ·         Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them

    ·         Solve problems involving angle measure, area, surface area, and volume (cylinders, cones, and spheres)

    ·         Solve real-life problems involving volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres.

    ·         Know the formulas for area and circumference of a circle

    ·         Use facts about supplementary, complementary, vertical, and adjacent angles to solve multi-step problems.

    Statistics and Probability

    ·         Use random sampling to describe and compare populations

    ·         Find, calculate, and explain the probability of a chance event

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