• Career & Technical Education (CTE)


    Mr. Felix Melendez, Executive Director, Secondary Education fmelendez@gusd.net ext. 1214

    Dr. Narineh Makijan, CTE Coordinator nmakijan@gusd.net ext. 1633

    Mr. Louie Tucci, CTE Teacher on Special Assignment ltucci@gusd.net ext. 1222

    Ms.  Aydeh Khodadadians, CTE Account Specialist akhodadadians@gusd.net ext. 1239

    Ms. Cynthia Butchko, CTE Support Staff cbutchko@gusd.net ext. 1620

    Phone: 818.241.3111                                                                                           Fax: 818.543.0716


    Career & Technical Education Vision

    CTE is dedicated to creating a district-wide culture where students will be able to explore, select and complete specific career pathways to develop the necessary skills to be successful in post-secondary careers and college.


    Career & Technical Education Mission Statement

    Our CTE program connects students to college and careers by giving them the opportunity to explore specific career pathways and develop valuable skills before
they leave high school. CTE courses engage students in a variety of subjects, incorporating academic, creative, and technical competencies. By completing CTE pathways, our students gain the knowledge, experience and attitude to succeed in post-secondary careers and college.

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