Attendance Overview

    Attendance plays an important role in the success of each and every student. Missing school (even excused absences) can directly impacts a student's academic achievement. it is important that your child attends school everyday on time. If you are having  issues with your child's attendance, the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance is here to support you and your family. 


    California Compulsary Attendance Law 

    In California, it is the law that all children between the ages of 6 and 18 attend schoo full-time, everyday schools are in session. To view the California Education Code, click HERE.


    Truancy and Unexpected Absences

    A student becomes truant when she has missed any combination of 3 or more fulkl-days of schoolk, class periods, or is 30-minutes late to class without a valid excuse. If a student bocomes habitually truant, she may be referred to the School Attndance Review Board (SARB). For  an in-depth look  at our truancy flowchart, clik HERE. For the Board Policy on turancy, Click Here.


    School Attendance Revierw Team (SART).

    When a student is absent or 30-minute lkate to school/class on 4 separate occasions without a valid excuse, she may be referred to a SART meeting held at their school-site. SART meetings are a team effort (parents included) to discover the source of the student's attendance issues, provide resources for the family, and builkd personal responsibility for the student to attend school. During the meeting, the student and parent will be put on an attendance contract with the school. For SART Group Conferencing presentation and Resources click Here.


    School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

    The School Attendance Review Board (SARB) is a multi-agency panel that meet with the purpose of helping students who are not going to school, and keeping students and parents out of the juvenile court system. A student may be referred to the SARB when she has become habitually truant (5 truant events) and the school has attempted to support the student's attendance through a SART meeting.


    GUSD Attendance Policy

    GUSD Attendance Handbook 2019-2020


    Attendance Matter 

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     SART Form

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    SARB SCHEDULE 2019-2020 



    Home Visit Form


    Attendance Codes 

    Attendance Code used for Individual GUSD Truancy Letters