Ralph's community contributions RALPH'S COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION PROGRAM

    Did you know that you can register your Ralphs rewards card to raise money for our school every time you shop?  Visit www.ralphs.com and register or re-register your card and select Mountain Avenue Committed to Kids or code #80500 to start earning money for our school.  You must register every year after September 1st because it expires annually.  Check the bottom of your receipt, if it doesn’t say MACK, then you need to register.  Your friends and family can sign up too.  Don’t delay and re-register today!


    eScrip                                           eSCRIP MERCHANT GIVEBACK PROGRAM

    eScrip gives MACK a percentage of your purchases made from their Online Mall and from local restaurants and other participating vendors when you use a registered credit/debit card. Online vendors include Target, Apple.com, Toys R Us, Best Buy, & Home Depot and many more of your favorite stores.  Restaurants include Big Mamma's & Papa's Pizzeria and Hello Pizza to name a few.  Register online www.escrip.com. You must use our Group ID #136559648. 


    Benefit Mobile                        BENEFIT MOBILE APP
    M.A.C.K. has partnered up with eScrip's Benefit Mobile app to earn money for our school.  Benefit Mobile is a gift card platform that allows you to buy gift cards directly from your device and redeem them immediately or share electronically. A percentage of your purchase goes directly to our school.  Simply download the Benefit mobile app on your mobile device, enter a credit/debit card, choose Mountain Avenue Committed to Kids as the beneficiary, and buy gift cards that you can redeem immediately from your device, or email or print to give as gifts.  It's convenient and better for the environment.  Retailers include Amazon, Dominos Pizza, Home Goods, Panda Express, Home Depot, Starbucks, Target, and Zappos to name a few. Join Benefit mobile today to turn your everyday shopping and gift giving into dollars for our school. https://www.benefit-mobile.com/