• *** NOTE: MACK monthly board meetings are typically held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the school staff lounge


    August 15th @ 6:30 1st MACK Board Meeting

    September 12th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting

    October 5th (Friday)   MACK Annual Fund Kick-Off

    October 10th @ 6:00   MACK Annual Meeting with Kinder Singers/Board Meeting

    November 8th   MACK Competition for Annual Fund Ends

    November 9th   MACK Annual Fund Drive Ends  

    November 14th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting

    December 12th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting - Holiday Festivities

    January 16th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting

    February 1st    Jog-a-thon flag ceremony

    February 15th   Jog-a-thon (CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN)

    Feb 22nd   Jog-a-thon (rain back-up date - CANCELLED)


    February 20th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting


    March 8th     Jog-a-thon *NEW DATE*


    March 13th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting

    April 17th @ 6:30   MACK Board Meeting


    May 3rd  - after-school -   Jog-a-thon DJ Dance Party

    May 29th @ 6:30   Final MACK Board Meeting