• Unit/Concept One-Pager:

    In preparation for tests, students are required to complete a hand-written and hand-drawn Unit/Concept One-pager illustrating and summarizing everything they know about the unit/concept. 

    The One-pager may be no bigger than an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper, and only one side may be written on.

    Rubrics and minimum required elements will be provided for each One-pager

    Students should synthesize the information from their notes, readings, videos, lab activities, etc. in their One-pager. 

    One-pagers should be colorful and creative, incorporating a variety of pictures (drawn by the student), graphs (drawn by the student), diagrams (drawn by the student), writing text size, 'fonts'/styles of writing, etc. 

    Students may begin working on the One-pager for the next unit as early as the first day of that unit