Background and Experience

  • Thank you for taking a moment to learn some background information about me!  I am a product of the Glendale Unified School District myself - I attended Mark Keppel Elementary School, Toll Middle School,and Hoover High.   I started studying Spanish in the 7th grade while attending Toll and continued through the Advanced Placement classes offered at Hoover High.  In my Junior year at Hoover, I participated in an exchange program and was sent to Chincha Alta, Peru.  I lived with a family and attended classes where I spoke only Spanish.  My life was changed after this experience, and my love for the language grew.

    I attended the University of Redlands where I double majored in English and Spanish.  While at the University of Redlands I participated in study abroad programs that allowed me to travel and study in bothGuadalajara, Mexico and Salzburg, Austria.  

    From 1991 until 1999, I taught Spanish and English at Hoover High School.  I earned myMA in Educational Leadership through Point Loma University in 1996.  I came to Clark in 2000, and have taught various levels of Spanish throughout the years here.  My husband and I have worked together with Clark's Mock Trial class since 2008 and continue to enjoy each new group of students that participates in the annual competition. 

    Clark is a great place to be!  I feel very fortunate to be able to work part time so I can continue teaching while I spend time with my two children.  In my free time, I enjoy being with my family.  We all love sports and being outside! My son is on the USA Luge team and hopes to participate in the winter Olympics for our country.  My daughter loves ballet and hopes to be a professional ballerina one day.  Our family time is spent either watching or participating in events related to these two activities.  My other favorite pastimes include photography, running, bike riding, roller blading, reading, ice skating (my sport of choice!), and traveling.

    I take my responsibility of teaching very seriously.  I know that all my students will use the skills I am teaching in my classes.  Students will certainly use Spanish in their daily lives at some point -especially if they continue to live in Southern California. The skills learned in the Mock Trial class will most definitely carry into every career path. I strive to make learning  fun and productive, so I  provide various assignments and activities that incorporate the use of technology and real-life situations.  

    Thank you for your interest in me and in the classes I teach!  
    Muchas gracias. :)