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Miss Huleis



Just a little information about Miss Huleis... Enjoy!

Who am I?

Hi Everyone! My name is Miss Huleis, and I teach 5th grade at John Muir Elementary School in Glendale, CA! I absolutely love my job, and teaching. I have a multiple subject teaching credential and added authorization in Science. I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Computers which means I find using technology in the classroom a benefit for students' learning. We use fun apps to play educational games and review topics that we have learned in class. I also use coding sites and and tools to expose students to basic computer science skills. 

I love all subjects, but Science is my favorite! My students use critical thinking skills by using the scientific method and conducting their own experiements in class. Then they write about their findings and share important discoveries with others! Science is so important for our students because we live in the 21st century where technology and Science are both driving forces of our world today!

I am a hands on teacher, and I believe students learn by doing! 

What do I like to do?

I spend a lot of my time working, preparing, and thinking about what to do next, how to bring real experiences to my students. I love my job, but I also enjoy a few activities when I have time off. I have a bike and I enjoy riding it around the neighborhood or on the beach. I flew a kite for the first time two summers ago and it was the most fun, so there is a kite in the trunk of my car and I take it everywhere I go! My faovrite color is all shades of blue. I love spending time with family, and friends. Last but not least traveling is something that I cherish the most, and learning about the world we live in. 

Where have I been? 

My first time out of the country was in the summer of 2014. My first stop was Versailles, France where I visited the palace and gardens of Versailles. From there I spent a week in Paris, France where I walked up the Eiffel Tower and saw beautiful views of the Seine River separating the East and West bank of Paris. After a nice week in Paris, we visited Southern Italy specifically in Cerignola. My friend and I picked grapes off the grape vine in the country fields and spent a day at a wine factory. The people were very nice and welcoming in this town, I felt at home. We drove four hours from Cerignola to the Amalfi coast and stopped in Positano, Italy. The weather was great, the food was delicious and the Mediterranean sea was beautiful. I was so inspired to learn more about people and how they live in other countries, and this trip sparked my interest in traveling and doing so.

In the summer of 2017, I spent one month in South America. My first stop was beautiful Ecuador. Here, I stayed in the Villa De Flora a small village in Quito where I volunteered my time with kids who work in various markets with their families. Many of these children do not attend school regularly as they are needed to help their families sell products in the markets. Each day, by bus, my volunteer group and I traveled to different markets throughout the city. When we arrived at the markets kids, with smiles on their faces ran to greet us. We spent the whole day teaching kids about hygiene, and playing games with each other. It was a beautiful experience to spend time with these wonderful children. They were of all ages and loved to play games and sports, just like many of my students. As I was able to get to know the families and children in this town, I observed that they loved their country, they are very family oriented, hard working, and simple. In third world countires, many people do not have easy access to everyday necessities as we do. We should continue to educate ourselves about the world around us, and be thankful for everything that we have. 

I am looking forward to a wonderul year!

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