• (Last updated 10/29/18)

    Concert Reports


    General Info:


    All music students are expected to turn in two concert reports a year. The first one is due the first Monday of December and the second the first Monday of May. Concert reports are worth 10% of total grade. Students in Beginning Band & Beginning Strings should attend a performance of high school level or greater, Advanced Band & Orchestra at college level or greater, and Intermediate (Jr. Orchestra) should do first semester as Beginning and second semester as Advanced. There needs to be at least one musician (instrumental or vocal) performing live for at least 30 minutes, and can be of absolutely any genre. If there is uncertainty of what qualifies please ask Mr. de la Garza. Please summit the paper along with some sort of proof you were in attendance.  This can include a ticket stub, program from the performance, photograph of you there, or a note signed by a parent.


    Concert Suggestions:

    The Americana at Brand: free.

    Charles Music Store: free. Call for dates and times: (818) 242-6597

    Occidental College: mostly free.

    USC Thorton School of Music: mostly free.

    Hoover High School: low priced.

    Glendale Community College Music Department: low priced or free.

    Alex Theater: medium - high priced.

    LA Music Center: high priced.

    Hollywood Bowl: high priced.

    Write as if you were a reporter writing a detailed review for a TV show, news report, or blog. The following is a list of things you may want to include or use to get started:

      • Who was playing
      • What instruments were being used
      • The genre
      • How good the musicians were
      • The age range of the musicians
      • The type of venue (concert hall, a park, and arena, etc.)
      • What the audience was like
      • The age range of the audience
      • What were most people wearing
      • How they behaved during the performance
      • How much you enjoyed the experience; why/why not
      • What your favorite and least favorite pieces were; why
      • What the the experience was like for you
      • The most memorable moment; why
      • If it was what you expected; why/why not