• Performance Attire:


    Beginning and Intermediate Groups:

    Dress nice. Black and white are preferable but neutral colors will work (black, white, grey, brown, beige, and navy blue). Please wear the nicest shoes possible, but no high heels (flats are OK).  No blue jeans or shorts. Skirts or dresses are OK but if they are not well passed the knees, please wear non-skin-colored tights or leggings underneath. Collared shirts are much preferred over T-shirts. Ties and suites are encouraged where appropriate. All school dress codes still apply. If you are unable to meet the requested attire, please send your son/daughter with a note in hand informing me that you are aware of the standards set and that you are doing your best to accommodate.


    Advanced Band/Orchestra:

    • Polos and Blank Pants: Wear your green music department polos, black pants/jeans/leggings, black socks (no ankle socks), and black shoes (as best as possible).
    • Concert Black: Dress nicely, like what is generally expected at a wedding. Wear all black or black bottoms and white tops. If you are wearing pants, you need to wear a pair of long black socks unless they are inappropriate for the type of footwear you are wearing. Black shoes are best but wear the nicest pair you own and avoid bright colors; dress shoes are ideal. Collared shirts are best unless you will be wearing a blouse or dress. If wearing a dress or skirt, it needs to go well past the knees or else please wear a solid pair of black or white leggings/tights underneath (nothing nude colored).


    Marching Band (when in full uniform):

    Black marching shoes. Long plain black socks to at least the mid-calf. Lightweight shorts (any color is fine). All white collarless T-shirt (no tank tops/A-shirts). No jewelry, watches, wristbands, etc. All hair (boys and girls) needs to be pinned up and off the collar of the uniform. Use of hair products such as gel and hairspray are not permitted. Any student not able to meet this dress code may not be allowed to perform!



    Same as "Advanced Groups" but wear an all black T-shirt or polo shirt.