• (Last updated 9/13/18)

    Home Practice Record


    In case you have lost or forgotten your HPR sheet, you can print out replacements by clicking on one of the documents below.


    To get an A each week:

    1. Practice 5 days a week for:
      • Beginning Classes
        • 1st quarter = 5 minutes
        • 2nd quarter = 10 minutes
        • 3rd & 4th quarter = 15 minutes
      • Advanced classes = 20 minutes all year
    2. Get your parent to initial in the box for each day you practice and then sign at the end of week in the “Weekly Signature” area. Credit will be given for each initialed box but only if the week has been sign for.
    3. Turn in your HPR every Monday. If you lose this sheet simply use a blank sheet of paper for that week.  Please be sure to include the date and day of the week for each day you practiced.


    Each day = 2 pts, 10 points per week

    The 6th and 7th day of practice are worth 2 points of

    EXTRA CREDIT for each day.



    • To get credit for late work, you must turn in your HPR the following Tuesday or Wednesday. You will lose two points for each day it is late.  NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN after 2 days.
    • HPR cannot be made up after the fact.  There is extra credit offered every week as well as throughout the year.  Please take advantage of this opportunity early to act as an insurance policy.
    • If you cannot practice at home, you may come in during snack, lunch, or after school to practice.  Mr. de la Garza will sign your practice record.
    • If you attend an after school rehearsal, you automatically receive HPR credit for that day. Be sure to write a capital “R” for 
      “Rehearsal” in the box for that day.


    For successful practice…

    • Make practice a priority. Don’t put it off until everything else is finished. The later in the day you practice the less sympathetic your parents/neighbors are going to be.
    • Find a QUIET area. No T.V. or audio sounds.
    • Practice for progress, not minutes.
    • Don’t become discouraged if you seem to be making slow progress. Nothing of value is easily achieved.


    Please feel free to download and print any of the files below at home: