Community Advisory Committee Information


    The Foothill CAC will be holding 21-22 school year meetings on the following dates, all at 10 am.  Meetings will be held over Zoom.  


    Upcoming Meetings:

    Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 10 am   For agenda and to request zoom link, click here.



    Tuesday, January 11, 2022

    Tuesday, April 12, 2022

    The Community Advisory Committee is an integral component of the SELPA structure.  The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) serves as an advisory body to the Governance Council and the SELPA administration, regarding the development and review of the Local Plan as well as any policy additions or revisions.  Additional duties include assisting in parent education and in recruiting parents and other volunteers to support activities on behalf of the individuals with exceptional needs.  District representative members also have the responsibility of forwarding pertinent information from the CAC to their local boards and to assist in parent awareness of the importance of school attendance.

     All meetings are open to parents of children with and without disabilities, educators, agency representatives and other community members.  Voting members are appointed and approved by the school board of each district.   The majority of the voting membership must be comprised of parents of children with disabilities enrolled in public or private schools within the SELPA.  We welcome everyone concerned with the education of children with special needs to attend.  

    The Foothill SELPA CAC meetings quarterly.  Each year a parent is elected as CAC Chair.  The CAC Chair Nominee for 21-22 is Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh, a parent from the Burbank Unified School District.  The position of CAC chair is voted on annually, along with the positions of vice-chair and secretary.   

    For further information on the Community Advisory Committee and our events, please call the SELPA office at 818-246-5378 or email