• School Profile

    Mark Keppel Visual & Performing Arts Magnet’s large, comfortable campus is situated in a family residential community with the unique close proximity of Toll Middle School, located next door, and Hoover High School, located across the street. This school configuration allows our students to transition from elementary school to middle school, and middle school to high school with relative ease. Keppel is a K-5 traditional calendar Title 1 school that boasts a multi-ethnic population of approximately 1004 students. The population includes 61% Caucasian, including 40% Armenian/Middle Eastern, 11% Hispanic, 18% Asian, 6% Filipino, and 14% African American students. 17 different language groups are represented at Keppel with Armenian (35%), English (43%), Korean (8%), and Spanish (6%) as the largest language groups. 40% of students classified as Limited English Proficient and 19% are classified as Fluent English Proficient. The comprehensive examination of multiple measures data allows us to create and individualize instruction to meet the needs of our incredibly diverse population. The use of data gathered from Glendale Unified School District’s exemplary assessment and data reporting program, Illuminate, and school and classroom based assessments allow us to create a true picture of the strengths and needs of our students in order to create an engaging and challenging, standards based, educational program guided by our school plan (SPSA).

    Through the examination of data such as district benchmark scores, iReady scores, and when available CAASPP scores, we set a school-wide focus on reading comprehension. This concentration has led to several positive changes in our educational program. Our Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meets regularly to guide decisions about best practices towards meeting our goal of 75% of students scoring proficient or advanced in reading comprehension as measured by interim assessments. Teachers meet in grade level groups monthly to discuss instructional strategies and next steps for teaching integrated arts lessons. Teachers have had training in reading comprehension strategies, Making Meaning, Ready Common Core, small group instruction, Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies, and Being a Writer and teachers regularly use these strategies in the classroom. In addition, teachers use the FAST Framework to teach lessons, making the best use of time throughout the day. Effective mathematics instruction and differentiated instruction are two other areas of professional study pursued by Keppel teachers.

    Our library and technology programs focus on our school-wide goal. There are many computers available on campus for student use. We have 4 chrome book carts, 1 laptop lab, a cybrary with 38 computers and every classroom has 1 to 4 student computers. All computers are networked and have access to internet and peripheral equipment such as LCD projectors, scanners, printers, and digital cameras. Students use our computer lab and computers in the classroom to produce quality writing and multimedia projects.
    Accelerated Reader is networked throughout the school and is used as an incentive program to encourage students in independent reading. Our spacious library has Accelerated Reader books identified and labeled with appropriate stickers for student use. Mark Keppel also is utilizing SMARTboards in every classroom.