The Spanish FLAG program encompasses our mission in education in the 21st century and in the fully of implementation of the Common Core State Standards from a bilingual and biliterate perspective. The program develops long-life learners who are scholars, historians, and strong bilingual communicators. At Toll, students take two classes in Spanish: Ms. María Capdevila-Gutiérrez teaches 7th and 8th Spanish Language Arts, and Dr. Jordi Solsona-Puig teaches World History (7th) and U.S. History (8th). Additionally, the SFLAG students take the AAPPL and DELE tests annually to monitor their language progress.

    The Spanish FLAG program at Toll exposes students to a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that includes an appreciation for the arts. Students in the Spanish FLAG program are culturally aware and sensitive individuals on a global scale. Most importantly, the students, parents, and staff who involve themselves with the Spanish dual immersion program at Toll are a tight-knit and caring entity that can many times is described as the SFLAG “family”.


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    Spanish FLAG parent meeting presentation. (August 24th)