Optional Student Accident Insurance

  • Each year, the Glendale Unified School District assists parents in securing supplemental accident insurance for students attending our schools. Although we always take steps to protect your children, we want to make sure that you are aware of this insurance option that is available.

    We encourage parents who do not have health insurance to consider supplemental accident insurance for their children. And for parents who have health insurance policies that cover their children, we encourage you to review the benefits of this coverage to determine if supplemental accident insurance is right for them. This is a supplemental insurance, any amount payable by your primary insurance provider will be subtracted from the covered expenses and the supplemental insurance will pay benefits based on the remaining amount of the loss. Please take the time to carefully read and understand what benefits supplemental accident insurance has to offer and understand the exclusions and other limitations explained on the back page of the brochure.

    We have included information from the Myers-Stevens Company for your convenience. Please note that the Glendale Unified School District has no financial ties with Myers-Stevens Company and receives no financial benefit from them. To obtain coverage, complete the enrollment form, enclose payment and send the form and payment directly to Myers-Stevens. For any questions, please call the plan administrator, Myers-Stevens, at 800-827-4695 or 949-348-0656. Be sure to retain the brochure for your records as it contains the description of benefits and information on how to file a claim.



    Letter to Parents - English

    Brochure - English

    Claim Form - English



    Letter to Parents - Spanish 

    Brochure - Spanish

    Claim Form - Spanish



    Letter to Parents - Armenian 

    Brochure - English (not available in Armenian)

    Claim Form - English (not available in Armenian)



    Letter to Parents - Korean 

    Brochure - Korean

    Claim Form - English (not available in Korean)