Resource Lab

  • Course Information


    Resource Lab serves two main purposes:

    1. To provide academic assistance in all content areas to ensure success.
    2. To serve as a learning base for life experiences to ease the transition into society and adulthood.


    With these purposes in mind, students will be expected to seek opportunities to improve their content knowledge and complete assignments surrounding units designed to move them toward successful independence.


    Course Goals


    1. Improve reading, writing, and mathematic skills: Complete all necessary assignments and lessons presented in Resource Lab. Each student will be responsible for working towards improving these skills by asking questions, trying new methods to understand concepts, and by correcting their mistakes.
    2. Develop study skills: Students will learn how to take notes and create an action plan to prepare for exams.
    3. Develop and maintain organization skills: Students will utilize their Student Planner to plan and prepare for tests and assignments and maintain organized binders and backpacks.
    4. Reflect on each activity. In order to fully appreciate, understand, and expand upon the experiences gained during each activity; students will be asked to reflect on various learning experiences.


    Classroom Norms


    • Be seated with all materials ready before the tardy bell rings.
    • Be respectful to yourself and others: raise your hand when you want to share ideas or if you have a question, listen to the questions and comments that your peers or other adults might have.
    • No food in classroom, except for water: I will occasionally pass out snacks in class, which is the only exception.
    • Follow Instruction




    Grade reports will be mailed home every 5 weeks (progress reports and report cards). Parents and Guardians will have access to grades via parent connect portal at any time.


    Points are earned in Resource Lab in the following areas:

    • Binder Reminder/Student Planner
      • Students are required to utilize their Student Planner everyday.
      • Even if the student does not have an assignment for a class, they are required to practice writing, “No homework” in their Student Planner.
    • Content Support/Supply Check
      • Students must bring all necessary materials needed to be productive in Resource Lab. This includes bringing a pen/pencil, paper, any materials for a project, reading book for a book report, rough drafts for editing in class, etc.
    • Reading Book

    Students must bring a reading book to Resource Lab everyday. This can be a book for another class, or any book for leisurely reading.