Welcome to Mountain Avenue's Speech and Language Page

  • Speech Language services are available at Mountain Avenue Elementary to students who are found eligible.


    The following are some of the communication areas that can be addressed in the school environment :

              Articulation: How speech sounds are produced

              Phonology: How sounds are organized into classes and the rules/patterns that organize production.

              Receptive Language: How we comprehend language and language concepts.

              Expressive Language: How we use language to express ideas, feelings, and needs.

              Fluency: How fluently or smoothly we speak.

              Pragmatics: How we use our social language to function and interact with our environment.

              Voice: How we use our voice


     If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's communication skills please email tthomassian@gusd.net or call (818) 248-7766 X 8104.