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Life Science 7th Grade                                                              2017-2018

Mrs. Baldwin       Room 1212                                                         Rosemont Middle School                                                        

                                                                        Homework Nights: Mondays and Wednesdays

Class Rules and Expectations

  • Come prepared to class, on time and ready to work.
  • Ask permission before getting out of your seat.
  • Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Any papers without first and last name will have 10% points deducted from it.
  • Any papers with only a first name will have 5% points deducted from it.

Suggested Supplies

  • 3-ring binder with notebook paper
  • Pen; black or blue ink only , #2 pencil with eraser and red pen or pencil

Absent/Make-up Work

  • If you have been absent check for papers in the absent work folder as you enter class.
  • You also need to check with Mrs. Baldwin to see if any papers need to be turned in.
  • You have the same amount of days you were absent to make-up any work to receive full credit.
  • For missed test or quiz, you must make arrangements with Mrs. Baldwin to make-up the test or quiz.

Late Work

  • Work may be turned in late at any time but will receive a deduction of 10% off for each day late with 50% being the maximum taken off.
  • Late projects will have a larger number of points deducted from the total points of the project.


  • Grades are cumulative point total based on test scores, homework, projects and other assignments. Grades will be calculated according to the following scale:     
  • 100% - 90% = A                69- 60% = D

89% - 80% = B                  below 59% = F

79% - 70% = C

  • Citizenship grades are determined by student’s preparedness for class and attitude.

Extra Credit (see additional extra credit paper for another way to get extra credit and more detailed directions)

  • Every month, you can turn in up to 3 science articles. You may find an article in the newspaper, Internet or magazines. You need to read the article and write a summary in your own words as well as describe how the article affects your life and what your opinion of the article is. Your summary must be equal to one page hand written or half page typed (refer to extra credit paper for specifics on font size) Attach the article to your summary. Make sure the article is not beyond your scope of understanding.
  • Additional opportunities for extra credit may be available throughout the year and will be announced in class.














I have read the policies of this class and I understand what is expected of me in science class.  I will do my best to behave appropriately and follow all classroom policies to become a successful student. I realize that any failure to behave accordingly or follow classroom policies may result in unpleasant consequences.


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