Bilingual Competency Award

  • Overview
    The Bilingual Competency Award is a commendation which students in Glendale Unified School District may earn upon graduation from any of the Glendale High Schools.
    Bilingual Competency Awards
    A Bilingual Certificate of Competency, a medallion, and a special seal on the graduation diploma is awarded to each graduating student who meets the requirements as set forth by the Categorical Programs Department. Special awards are given to students who receive the highest score above 90% in any of the tested languages. Students receive their Seal of Biliteracy designation on their official transcript. The Seal of Biliteracy may be awarded for competency in one or more of the following languages: Armenian, Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Latin, French, German or Japanese. In order to be approved for the commendation, students must successfully complete all high school graduation requirements in English and graduate with a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.
    Application Process
    Students wishing to receive the Bilingual Competency Award must submit application forms during the Spring semester of their graduation year. They may apply for as many language awards as they desire.
    Students may choose to fulfill the language competency through four different options.
    • The first option is to obtain a passing score (75/100) on the GUSD Bilingual Competency Exam. These exams are conducted in Armenian, Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Russian and Arabic and take place in the spring of each school year. A passing score on a language SAT II exam in any foreign language which is tested by the SAT process is also acceptable.
    • A second option is to obtain a score of “3” or better on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam for any foreign language which is tested by the AP process.
    • A third option is the successful completion of a District-approved four-year course (same foreign language). Student transcripts and the approval of the foreign language teacher are used to determine eligibility before graduation.
    • The fourth option is to achieve a passing score on a foreign government's approved language exam and receipt of a diploma or certificate of competency from the authorizing governmental agency.
     Students may receive one of the following awards:
    • Silver Medallion - competency in English and one other language
    • Gold Medallion - competency in English and two or more other languages
    • Acrylic Award - highest score about 90% on the Bilingual Competency Exam in each tested language by the school.