Homework is assigned nightly (Monday –Thursday).  The assigned homework is meant to reinforce concepts that were covered during the day.  If you find your child struggling with an assignment, please drop me a note and attach it to the assignment or send me an email.  It is also the goal of the 3rd grade teachers to help students prepare for upper grades by teaching them responsibility and organizational skills.


    In addition to written assignments, students should read for twenty minutes each night, including 1 weekend day (Friday – Sunday). The more children are exposed to reading materials, the greater success they will experience in the classroom. Students should also practice their math facts every night.




        1. Students copy their homework in their planner each afternoon.
        2. The Homework Monitor passes out homework sheets at the end of the day.
        3. Students put any homework in their homework folder and put the folder in their binder.
        4. Complete homework!  Always start by putting your name and date on your papers.
        5. Put finished work back into the homework folder.  Make sure your folder is in your binder.
        6. Bring folder to school the next day.
        7. Homework monitor along with Mrs. Stephan will check to make sure your planner and homework are complete.  If homework is incomplete, students will finish at recess or the next evening, and will owe a scholar dollar.  Sloppy work will be returned to be redone.
        8. If a student forgets their name on an assignment they will owe a scholar dollar.


    If something comes up and your child cannot finish their homework, please send me a note or email at mstephan@gusd.net.  If I know ahead of time then students will not owe a scholar dollar and can have an extra day to complete their homework.  


Last Modified on August 26, 2019