• Mrs. Stephan’s Behavior Expectations




    1.    Good manners matter most.  You are expected to use nice manners to everyone at school
    2.    Learning is your job.  You are expected to come prepared with your books and supplies.

    3.    You are expected to walk quietly everywhere we go on campus.  We use 3 S lines:  Straight, silent & smiling.

    4.    When in the auditorium, you will sit quietly with good posture.  You will show any presenter respect and act in a dignified manner.

    5.    If someone hurts your feelings, spend the time talking to each other to work out the problem.

    6.    You will raise your hand to be called on.  When someone is speaking you will put your hand down to show you are listening.

    7.    You will wait for an appropriate time to be out of your seat.

    8.    During an emergency drill you will be completely silent.

    9.    You will be open minded about learning something new.  Everyone will cheer about doing challenging work!

    10.   We will show good sportsmanship, look for the positive in every situation,  and laugh a lot.

    11.   You will strive to make good choices, even when no one is watching.

    Rewards for outstanding behavior:

    1.    Scholar dollars
    2.    Bucket filling slips

    3.    Marbles in the marble jar

    4.    Move up the clip chart

    5.    A good feeling inside your heart knowing you’re a good person! 

    Consequences for making poor choices:
    1.  Move down the clip chart

    2.  Pay Mrs. Stephan a scholar dollar
Last Modified on August 26, 2019