5th Grade Science - "Switches"

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays

    11:55-12:40 Language/ELA with Mrs. Pitt

    1:20-2:05 Social Studies with Mrs. Hall

    2:05-2:40 Science with Ms. Haydt


    Please see Mrs. Hall's Website for Social Studies Lesson Topics or contact Mrs. Hall directly with questions at ahall@gusd.net & contact Mrs. Pitts for Language/ELA questions at kpitt@gusd.net
    5th-GRADE SCIENCE - All Lessons, Videos, & Activities can be found in your student's Google Classroom with Ms. Haydt, under "SCIENCE!"
    2nd Trimester- The Structure & Properties of Matter
    Lesson 3: "The Physical Properties of Matter"
    Lesson 2: "Energy & The Changing States of Matter"
     Assessment on Tuesday, January 31
    Lesson 1: "Matter All Around Us!"
    1st Trimester-
    SCIENCE FOCUS: INTRODUCTION & "The Scientific Method!"
    August 30 - September 9
    QUIZ on the Scientific Method - Tuesday, September 13th
    SCIENCE UNIT: "Matter & Energy in ECOSYSTEMS"
    Ecosystems Overview
    September 15-16: "Social Contract" & Introduction to Ecosystems
    September 19-23: Ecosystems Unit (Abiotic & Biotic Factors)
    September 27-30: Ecosystems Unit (Producers, Consumers, & Decomposers)  
    Ecosystems Quiz on Friday, September 30
    October 3-7Ecosystems Unit (Reading & Note-taking: Cycles in Nature, The Nitrogen Cycle, The Water Cycle, Photosynthesis, & Plant Growth 
    All About... PLANTS!
    October 11-13: Ecosystems Unit: "All About... Plants!" (Overview - Structure & Parts)
    October 18-21: Ecosystems Unit: "All About... Plants!" - Seed Planting Demonstration & Predictions, Observation #1, & Plant Radish Seeds
    October 24-October 27: Ecosystems Unit: "All About... Plants!" - Observation #2 & Photosynthesis; Observation #3 & Share Experiment Results + Study Guide Given for TEST 
    November 1 - 3: "Plant Life Cycle" Diagram; Booklets Due & PLANTS Test on Thursday, November 3
    How Energy Moves through Ecosystems
    November 4 & 8:  Food Chains & Food Webs
    November 14-18: Decomposers, Energy Pyramids
    November 28-December 2: Student Investigation 3B: "Who Will Survive?" (Food Web, Draw/Label, Analyze, & Predict) + Overview of Owl Pellet Dissection (Thurs.) & Dissect Owl Pellets (Friday)
    December 5-9: "Humans & the Environment" - Turn in Booklets & Flow of Energy in Ecosystems TEST on Thursday, December 8th! (December 9 - Begin "Matter" Unit)
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