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    Volunteers are Sweet!
    Parent Volunteers are a crucial part of our classroom program! With your help, we are able to make books, work with clay for our beautiful ceramic projects, and do all of the "extras" that make our class special! Parent volunteers also help during instruction, enabling the possibility of small group rotation of activities. There are many ways you can volunteer to help our class.
    Volunteer work can also be done at home if you are unable to come in. There is never a loss of things you can help our class with (gluing pages for Memory books, cutting patterns, etc.). To be a classroom volunteer, you will need to submit a recent T.B. test clearance to the school office. You can sign up to help on specific days or can come in whenever you have time! I'd love to have you be part of our class! Please contact me if you'd like to volunteer and spend time with us. 
Last Modified on June 24, 2019