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    Getting Ready for Kindergarten

    Welcome to Kindergarten! Many times, new kindergarten parents ask for tips in how to prepare their child for kindergarten. Here are a few things that will help.

    Work with your child on writing their name. In preschool they may have learned to write it with all capital (upper case) letters. Work on helping them write it the "Kindergarten" way beginning with an upper case letter and following with lower case letters. 

    Sing the ABC song (make sure your child is singing every letter and can slow down on L, M,N,O,P).

    Work on naming and recognizing letters and environmental print.

    Read, read, and read more! Read to your child daily at home. Point to the words. As your child watches you, you are modeling that words convey meaning in the story and that text is read from left to right. Talk about the stories read with your child.

    Count a lot! Count with your child using toys, at the market, etc.

    Provide your child many opportunities for "play dates". As your child interacts with peers, they are working on communication skills, sharing, turn taking, etc.

    Does your child have all of these skills already in place? Can your child already read? Great! Kindergarten classes always have a range of learners. Your teacher is a professional and is trained in instructional differentiation. Students are assessed in reading, math, and other areas, and instruction is matched to their level to challenge each child.                                                                            
Last Modified on June 27, 2019