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Mrs. Botts

Mrs. Botts
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    My Philosophy

    I believe in teaching the "whole child."  Education is the gift that prepares all students for the future.  It is the teacher's responsibility to teach not just academics but life skills as well. 


    Classroom Atmosphere

    I believe that students work hard and try their best when they are in a structured classroom with a classroom management system in place.  It is important that I provide my students with a safe and comfortable environment that allows for risks and challenges their disabilities to help them overcome obstacles blocking their learning. 


    Unique Child

    Every child has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.  It is my responsibility to provide them with an education that will help strengthen their weaknesses and build on their strengths; which lead me to meet the unique needs of each individual child.


    The Classroom Teacher

    I believe it is my responsibility to provide my students with the strategies, tools and skills they will need to be independent thinkers and learners.  My positive attitude and creative lesson planning will encourage and motivate students to take part in their learning.  My thirst for knowledge will continue as I explore this journey of educating the minds of the future. 

  • Meet the Team!


    Ms. Alis  (Classroom BIA):

    Ms. Alis has worked for the district for several years.  She first began as an educational assistant in 2004 and in 2008 she became a district BIA.  She has experience working in special education early education and with elementary school aged students.  She understands behavioral therapy and supports student achievement by helping replace negative behaviors with positive ones.  She is dedicated to the team and eager to work with all the students.  She comes to the team with a lot of experience and expertise.  Her work ethics has helped her see great success with the students she works it.       


    Ms. Rodina (Classroom EA II):

    Ms. Rodina and I have worked together for years.  She is a great asset to the classroom and is able to provide the students with the instructional support needed to see academic and social success.  She has many years of experience working as an EA II for GUSD.  I have been fortunate to have her as a team member.  Ms. Rodina is a loving, nurturing human being that enjoys interacting with the kids and having fun in the classroom.  She knows how I like to do things and is able to really support instruction in a way that benefits the students.  The students and I are very blessed to have her in the classroom, to receive her love and support daily.  We balance each other well and she is always there and ready to step in when I have to step aside and handle a situation.


     Ms. Itzel (Classroom APH):

    Ms. Itzel has worked with me for half a year.  She is a very friendly and kind human being.  She is an amazing support and a great asset to the classroom.  I am very fortunate to have someone who loves being around the students and takes initiative and works really hard.  She has been doing an amazing job learning about special education and how to best support the students.  She is truly a blessing to have as part of my team.  She will help support students by getting them ready to take care of their toileting needs independently.    

Meet the Students of Room 2103!

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