Classroom Supplies/ Wish list

  • I have all necessary learning materials ready for your child in the classroom! 


    State law requires us to provide a public education free of charge. Subject to
    certain exceptions, the right to a free public education means we cannot
    require students or their families to purchase supplies. Thomas Edison
    Elementary will provide all of the necessary supplies for your child to have a
    quality educational experience. 


    Students should bring (all labeled with student's first and last name and grade or teacher's name):

    A backpack

    A lunchbox with a healthy morning snack and a healthly lunch (cafeteria breakfast and/or lunch is also an option).   

    A waterbottle to keep in their backpack 

    A hat on hot sunny days for use out on the playground only.

    A book to read or a coloring/ activity book and a small set of crayons/ pencils to work on while waiting in line in the mornings (if they get dropped off early) or to work on when it's a rainy day or too hot to play a running/ ball game outside.  ***In the mornings, the first bell rings at 7:55am. Before that, students arrive to school and should come to their line (ours will be 3105) and sit to wait for the bell. Running or ball games are not allowed in the morning before school begins.

    A light sweater to keep in their backpack (even on hot days!) just in case they get cold in the classroom with the air conditioner. 


    If you would like to donate any supplies to our classroom, below is a list of some supplies we use consistently and would greatly appreciate as donations to our class!


    Classroom wishlist:


    * Tissue boxes

    * Glue sticks (big/thick ones)

    * Lysol/ Clorox wipes 

    * White copy paper

    * Crayola thick Markers 

    * #2 Ticonderoga pencils with erasers

    * Astro bright multicolor copy paper

    * Bright multicolor cardstock paper

    * White cardstock paper

    * Multicultural crayons

    * Colored pencils

    * White labels Avery 5160

    * White Elmers Glue jug