• K-Kids is an after-school club open to all sixth-grade students who desire to become leaders in their community and provide service to others. K-Kids is a worldwide organization supported by the Kiwanis International Office. The local Kiwanis club, composed of leading business and professional people of the community, serves as Fremont's K-Kids club sponsor, and Janie Roach is Fremont's K-Kids coordinator. K-Kids club meets once per month.

    Every K-Kids club annually elects its own officers and organizes its members into committees so that every member finds a role within the club. The K-Kids objectives are: 
    • To provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community
    • To develop leadership potential
    • To foster the development of a strong moral character
    • To encourage loyalty to school, community and nation

    For more information visit www.kkids.org.