FLAG Armenian Dual Language Immersion Program

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    The Armenian FLAG program, taught by Ms. Nina Minasyan, is designed to increase students’ learning and communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Armenian language, including literature, culture, and its history. They are introduced with the places where Armenian is spoken, explore the main cultural, social, and historical events and regions of Armenia, the Armenian diaspora and Armenia’s geography. 

    The Armenian FLAG program displays knowledge of daily life in target cultures, comparing them with the culture of the United States, including current events, history, traditions, literature, performing and visual arts, beliefs and values, and geography.
    Students in the Armenian FLAG program read and comprehend a variety of texts including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry while developing their writing skills by working with expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive works. The Armenian FLAG program enhances student’s oral language by participating in group and partner activities, projects, discussions, debates, including listening to variety of audio books, watching documentaries, analyzing information, and finding new approaches to solving problems.
    Textbooks: Armenian Language 7th Grade, 8th Grade
                      Armenian Literature 7th Grade, 8th Grade
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FLAG Armenian Dual Immersion Program

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    In response to community interest, the Armenian Heritage Program began at Jefferson Elementary in 2006. Students received Armenian language instruction for one hour per day. In 2010, the Armenian Heritage Program expanded into a FLAG Armenian Dual Language Immersion Program where 50% of the day is taught in Armenian. The elementary FLAG Armenain program is offered at Jefferson and R. D. White Elementary Schools.

    Eastern Armenian with federal orthography is the language of instruction, however, students are exposed to the Mesropian orthography and the Western dialect as encountered in literature and other supplemental materials.

    FLAG Armenian Program Pathways
    FLAG Armenian Pathways


    Elementary FLAG Program


    The FLAG Armenian program follows a 50:50 Dual Language Immersion model in elementary school. Students receive instruction in Armenian for 50% of the day and in English for 50% of the day. Armenian language is taught both for language acquisition and content instruction.


    Careful consideration is given to the selection and planning of the content areas and themes that are taught in Armenian. Dual Immersion classes are taught by fully-credentialed, bilingual teachers who have additional preparation and expertise in teaching Armenian.


    FLAG Armenian Elementary Schools: Jefferson ES, R.D. White ES


    Middle School FLAG Program


    Students who wish to continue in the FLAG Armenian program for middle school take an Armenian Language Arts class as an elective.


    FLAG Armenian Middle Schools: Toll MS, Wilson MS


    High School World Languages


    Students who wish to continue their Armenian studies into high school may take Armenian language as an elective. Courses are available thorugh Armenian 9-10. Students are also eligible to earn the Seal of Biliteracy in Armenian.


    Armenian language offered at the following high schools: Glendale HS, Hoover HS