Rising to the Challenge

Class Information and Handouts

Dolphin Core English - Rising to the Challenge


    Period 1 & 3: Practice Listening/Interpeting & revising Listening Note-takers; HW - STUDY

    Period 2, 5 & 6: Practice Discussion via "Silent" Discussion; HW - Ch. 13 & 14 & Quiz Ch. 1-12 on Tuesday.


    Welcome to 8th Grade!  

         This is an important year in which you master essential skills that will prepare you for high school.  Moreover, it is a key year to develop a growth-mind set, a true love and appreciation for learning, and the ability to communicate effectively.  

         The Dolphin Core believes in setting high standards and facilitating student learning toward mastery of these standards.  This partnership is designed to nurture inquiry, questioning, and critical thinking. We actively work to provide ongoing feedback and assistance while students learn and master skills.  It is equally important that students view, understand, and use this feedback as a tool and opportunity to learn and improve, not criticism for the sake of criticism.  

         This is particularly true in a language arts class.  Language is filled with nuance and subtleties.  Paired with the conceptual skills of analysis and synthesis, English can be a particularly challenging class.  Much research suggests that true understanding of a language is reflected in the rigor of reading and opportunities for critical expression, both written and oral communication, which only occurs after several years.  Therefore, Advanced English can be especially difficult at the outset.  Students must be patient with themselves and use feedback to improve their learning.  

         We believe every student should always do their best! And while grades are one important measure of academic achievement, we also believe that students need a balance between school and their time as young adolescents.  This is middle school - a practice ground for high school.  This is a year to learn time-management skills, to balance personal commitments with school responsibilities. Parents and teachers working in tandem can significantly help teach students the balance between achieving their best as a student as well as a growing into responsible, compassionate people.  

         As students promote through grade-levels, classes and content will become more rigorous and difficult.  Therefore, this year is also a key opportunity to appreciate that learning is at the heart of success more than a letter grade.  We also feel strongly that each student is different, in their learning and skills; measurement of success is not done comparatively between students but rather individually against standards.  Comparative measurements serve only to hamper student growth.  

         We look forward to our collaborative efforts to make 2017-2018 an amazing year!