Welcome to Kinder Flag

  • Welcome to Kindergarten FLAG! :)

     My name is Ms. Tarverdians and I teach the English portion of the Kindergarten FLAG program. This school is like a second home for me, because I attended this elementary school as a child. I'm lucky that I get to have colleagues that were my prior teachers and now I get to learn and work alongside them. 
    One of the most important things for me is to create a classroom that is inviting, fun, safe, and a place where children are going to grow and succeed. It's crucial that they gain skills that will always help them out of the classroom too. We learn in this class, we do projects, PE, and have a lot of fun while learning many new things!
    Since this is the Armenian FLAG program, my partner Mrs. Simonyan teaches the Armenian portion. We love being a part of the program and enjoy watching our students growing and excelling, both academically and behaviorally. 
    Halloween 2015