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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Hamdan, Joyce

Subject: Art,Yearbook and ELD
Classroom:  1201
Bio: Ashford University-Masters in Learning and Teaching Technology
       Point Loma Nazarene California Teaching Credential
       Elementary Education Assistant-1993-2003
       Middle School Teacher (Toll and Roosevelt)-2003-Present

This course is composed of two parts: Art Appreciation and Practical Art projects involving design, drawing, painting and crafts.  The Art Appreciation portion of the course will closely follow the Curriculum/Standards in their History and Social Studies class.  The Visual and Performing Arts Standards are followed for the Art Curriculum.  We will study and compare the history of art and culture from the past to the present.  Through reading and creative writing assignments we incorporate technology into specific lessons and projects.  

One very important aspect of the course is that your student will compile an Art Notebook that will be due on or before Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (NO EXCEPTIONS).  More will follow regarding specific directions
for the completion of this important project so that you as partner can work together with your child.

Reading, Vocabulary, and Homework are given on TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY.  The homework is due at the beginning of the period on the next day (WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY).  At that time the homework is checked and the answers carefully discussed. A short test will be given on the two week's material every other Friday or at the end of each project on topics discussed in class.  Assignments on Art Criticism/Evaluations are incorporated into assigned projects both self and peer.

Artwork is assigned to be completed in class.  Their artwork is due approximately every two weeks or at the end of a project and presented in portfolio form.  All  assignments both written and practical are to be turned in on time - no late work!  Each assignment is important to the student's overall grade.

All students are expected to be prompt, ready to work, polite, and in class daily to ensure a successful year.  Each student needs a #2 Pencil (not mechanical pencil), eraser, lined college rule paper and one 2 pocket paper folder with 3 metal hole facets.
Grading is 100 % teacher evaluation based on:
                                             25%     Project
                                             25%     Reading/Writing Assignments
                                             25%     Tests
                                             10%     Class Participation
                                             10%     Portfolios
                                              5%      Peer Evaluations