Glendale Schools Rock MESA Prelims and Finals

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    MESA Prelims and Finals
    Three Glendale schools competed in the MESA Los Angeles Regional Finals during the month of April. Fourteen students from Wilson and Roosevelt met at USC on April 1st for the Junior MESA Day Finals at USC and five students from Glendale High met at Cal State Los Angeles on April 15th for the Senior MESA Day Finals. Winners of the MESA Prelims from Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, and USC met to determine the Regional champions.
    The Glendale students advanced from the MESA Prelims held on March 11, 2017 at Cal State Los Angeles where they participated in a variety of engineering and science related challenges.  They also participated in either a team or solo math competition. To qualify for the Finals, students needed to finish in the top three places of their respective competitions. Congratulations to the all of the students and their MESA advisors.  
    MESA Prelims Results, March 11 at Cal State Los Angeles 
    Glendale High School
     Kaley Tien, 9th Grade Math 2nd Place
    Richard Mirzoian, 10th Grade Math 2nd Place
    Annie Doody, Clara Georges, and Jazmine Ramos, Speak Out, 3rd Place
    Advisors: Zovig Minassian and Nabila Jahshan 
    Roosevelt Middle School 
    Abdullah Ahmed, Eliza Avetisyan, & Luiza Avetisyan, 7th Grade Team Math
    Eliza Avetisyan and Luiza Avetisyan, 7th Grade Glider
    Maria Vardanyan, 7th Grade Egg Drop, 
    Natalie Leos, 6th Grade Bridge (did not attend the finals)
    Advisors:  Henry Galdamez and Randy Kamiya 
    Wilson Middle School 
    Dylan Abramyan, 8th Grade Math
    Edgar Agekyan, 8th Grade Mouse Trap Car
    Hayk Gargaloyan, 7th Grade Egg Drop
    Robert Harutyunyan, 7th Grade Egg Drop
    Jake Harper, Jay Shen, and Robert Harutyunyan, 7th Grade Team Math
    David Agekyan, 6th Grade Mouse Trap Car
    Daniela Armenta Cazares, 6th Grade Glider
    Paolo Miguel Samson (did not attend the finals) & Gegham Manukyan, 6th Grade Glider
     Paolo Miguel Samson & Gegham Manukyan, 6th Grade Team Math
    Daniela Armenta Cazares, Ashley Abramyan & David Agekyan, 6th Grade Team Math
    Advisors:  Paula Jackson and Joan Nam

    L.A. Metro Regional Finals Results
    Hayk Gargaloyan (Wilson) and Maria Vardanyan (Roosevelt), 1st Place Team Math, At-Large Division
    David Agekyan, 6th Grade Mouse Trap Car, Creativity, Engineering, and Design, 1st Place, Wilson
    Eliza Avetisyan, Luiza Avetisyan, Abdullah Ahmed, 7th Grade Team Math, 2nd Place, Roosevelt
    Edgar Agekyan, 7/8 Grade Mouse Trap Car, Creativity, Engineering, and Design, 2nd Place, Wilson
    Daniela Armenta Cazares & Gegham Manukyan, 6th Grade Team Math, 3rd Place, Wilson
    Jake Harper, Robert Harutyunyan, & Jay Shen, 7th Grade Team Math, 3rd Place, Wilson
    Jazmin Ramos, 10th Grade Solo Math, 3rd Place, Glendale High


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    Wilson Middle School 

    Roosevelt Middle School