Writing (Trimester 2)

  • writing    Expository Writing Checklist


         1. Did you use four to five sentences to introduce the topic? (general to specific)
         2. Is your topic stated clearly in your thesis, the last sentence? (with three specific ideas)

         1. Do you have a paragraph for each of your three specific ideas?
         2. Did you use transition words to lead into new paragraphs?
         3. Are you using precise vocabulary?
         4. Are you backing up (supporting) details with facts/definitions and citing all sources properly? (Use parentheses.)

         1. Did you restate your thesis in the first line? 
         2. Did you finish with an ending that leaves the reader satisfied and thinking about a new topic?

         1. Does your writing inform the reader about your topic?
         2. Did you use informing details such as dates, numbers, facts and logic?
         3. Have you left readers with good information?

Last Modified on November 17, 2022