• Curriculum

    Curricular Items

    A. Math
    B. Language Arts
    C. Science
    D. Social Science
    E. Physical Education
    F. Homework
    G. Thursday Folders
    H. Grading Scale

    A.  Math--We use the enVision Math Program. Fifth grade topics covered are place value, decimals, multiplication, division, fractions, volume, measurement conversions, graphing, Algebra and Geometry.  IXL.com is used for targeted practice, and the expectation is 30 minutes a week.  Sixth grade topics are positive rational numbers, integers and rational numbers, numeric and algebraic expressions, inequalities, rates and rations, percent, area and volume.  IXL.com and enVision online are utilized for practice.

    B.  Language Arts--A great emphasis this year is placed on writing. We expect students to be able to write papers in a variety of genres. Grade slips will be sent home instead of the graded papers, as I place those in their portfolios. If you would like to see the paper, just send a note, and return the paper when you are finished with it. Creative writing is done in Writers Workshop, and reading skills are tuned in Literature Circle groups. I read aloud to the class for enjoyment purposes.  We use the Accelerated Reader Program. A minimum of four quizzes must be taken and passed (around 30 points) each trimester.  Fifth grade uses the Benchmark program, while sixth grade uses Springboard.

    C.  Science--Our program is now integrated, so students will learn about many different areas. Ms. Haydt teaches fifth grade Science, and I will be using the STEMScopes program with sixth grade.

    D.  Social Science--Fifth grade students touch on the themes of Native Americans, explorers, colonization, and the new nation of the U.S.A.  Sixth grade covers ancient civilizations.  They also get an additional unit on Washington, D.C. in the Spring.

    E.  Physical Education--Please make sure that your child wears proper clothing and shoes on Wednesday and Thursday each week.

    F.  Homework--Please check over Reminder Binders and make sure that all assignments are completed if responsibility becomes an issue.  30 minutes of IXL.com are required weekly.  I ask that all tests are signed and returned so as to keep you posted on student progress.  Other work and quizzes should be signed if the score is a one or a two.  All class work is homework if it is unfinished.  I will send a slip home if an assignment is missing.  Please sign it, and send the work back with it the following school day.

    G.  Thursday Folders--Student work and important flyers will go home every Thursday.  Please look over the contents, remove them, and return the folders on Friday.

    H.  Grading Scale--Students receive achievement grades on the following scale: 

    4  Thorough understanding and application of grade level standards
    3  Adequate understanding and application of grade level standards
    2  Partial understanding and application of grade level standards
    1  Minimal understanding and application of grade level standards

    Students also receive effort grades based on completion of work, work turned in on time, following directions, neatness, participation, etc.  Some assignments are credit/no-credit, as they are not grade level, but practice and review.  You may also see percentages on papers from time to time to let you know exactly where your child is on a certain skill. 
Last Modified on August 19, 2019