• Behavior


    A. I use a card chart system where green is good standing, yellow is a warning, red is ten minutes after school and a note home, and black is an office visit, a call home, and twenty minutes after school.

    B. Cooperative Learning is the key this year so I use table teams and points. We compete as teams and as an entire class for special privileges.

    C. I have a marble system for adult compliments to the entire class for behavior. When we reach twenty, we're rewarded.

    D. When students make connections between subjects, or between subjects and their outside lives, they can earn a credit slip. These are small rewards like working at my desk for fifteen minutes, or beanbag priority for the day.

    E. I encourage class participation. I have class helpers, monitors, and student tutors. All positions are voluntary, but children should at least do one job. I monitor this closely, as when they are involved, students feel ownership of their environment.

    F. We utilize an Act of Kindness (A.O.K.) Jar.  Kids write down kindesses they've witnessed and the person showing the kindness will get that slip as the jar fills.

Last Modified on August 21, 2020