Club Name Advisor Meeting Day Room#
    Adopt-A-Family Club Ms. Barboza-Flores   4209
    American Cancer Society Ms. Sansui Wednesday 6101
    Animal Humane Society Ms. Postajian Wednesday 2231
    Armenian Club Ms. Hayrikyan  Thursday 2330
    Art Club Ms. Shiroyan Wednesday 7107
    Best Buddies Club Ms. Telles   6204
    Body Positivity Club Ms. Keefer, L Monday 2232
    Book Club Mr. Gebeshian Friday 2237
    Build a Backpack Club Ms. Zakarian   7202
    California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Ms. Clark Reed   2329
    Car Club Ms. Yong Friday 2234
    Ceramics Club Ms. Soris-Masouris Thursday 7203
    Chemistry Club Ms. Jahshan Thursday 4414
    Chess & Games Club Ms. Postajian   2231
    Children's Hospital LA Ms, Jahshan   4414
    Class of 2024 Mr. Benkovich & Mr. O'Malley Tuesday 4411
    Class of 2025 Ms. Castaneda & Ms. Postajian Tuesday 2231
    Class of 2026 Ms. Bedrousi & Mr. Martinez Tuesday 7204
    Class of 2027 Ms. Castel De Oro Tuesday 2239
    Climate Club Ms. Palmer Friday 4218
    Coding Club Ms. Sadr Thursday 4116
    Creative Writing Club Ms. Tumanyan Monday 2235
    Crochet Club Castel De Oro Wednesday 2239
    Culinary Club Chef Jen Monday 6210
    Debate Club Mr. O'Malley   4411
    Drama Club Ms. Donohue Wednesday 2230
    Dungeons and Dragons Ms. Donohue   2230
    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Ms. Taylor Thursday 4202
    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Mr. Gao Tuesday 4216
    FDA (Future Doctors of America) Ms. Sarhadian   22
    Faith Club Ms. Harris   3202
    Fashion Club      
    Filipino Club Mr. Gebeshian Wednesday 2237
    Filmmaking Club Ms. Donohue   2230
    GAME (Glendale Athletes Motivate & Educate) Ms. Clark-Reed Friday 2329
    Gardening Club Ms. Bedrousi Monday 7204
    Girls in STEM Club      
    HERd Club Ms. Castaneda   4318
    Hunger Heroes Ms. Keefer, L Tuesday 2232
    Key Club Ms. Postajian Thursday 2231
    Kindness Club   Tuesday  
    Letters to Rose Ms. Keefer, L Thursday 2232
    Make a Wish Ms. Keefer, L Thursday 2232
    Mental Health Awareness Ms. Palmer   4218
    MESA Club Ms. Thompson Tuesday 4305
    Mock Trial Mr. Benkovich   4410
    Model UN  Mr. Whithorne Monday 4315
    Multicultural Club Ms. Yong Friday 2234
    National Honors Society Ms. Ciotti Wednesday 2131
    Nitro E-Sports Club Mr. Gao   4216
    Origami Club Ms. Raij Thursday 10202
    Pride Club Ms. Castaneda Friday 4318
    Puzzle Club Ms. Thompson Friday 4305
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3 R's club) Mr. Martin Wednesday 6104
    Red Cross Club Ms. Barboza-Flores Thursday 4209
    Running Research Cub Ms. Palmer Monday 4218
    Save the Seas Ms. Keefer, L Wednesday 2232
    Slime Club Mr. O'Malley   4411
    Sneaker Club Mr. Whithorne Friday 4315
    Spanish Club Ms. Sepulveda   2336
    STAR Club Ms. Callahan Thursday 6209
    Surf Club Ms. Khalatyan Wednesday 4415
    Thrasher Club Ms. Carbajal   2335
    Tri-M Music Honor Society Ms. Rangel Thursday 8101
    UNICEF Ms. Keefer   2232
    WE Club Ms. Clark-Reed Thursdays 2329
    Weightlifting Club Mr. Whithorne   4315
    You Belong Mr. Gonzalez Mondays 4116


    Organizations/groups that meet as a class


    Contact: Jon Livingstion,

    Color Guard 

    Construction Academy


    Dance Drill Team


    International Dance